Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves IconA staple of any cartoon arsenal, these extend-able Boxing Gloves are great for rapid punches, and knocking your opponents off their feet…err, wheels.

  • Rapid fire
  • High ammo, low damage
  • Briefly stuns victim
  • Can pummel victim in a corner for added damage
Cel Damage HD Unlock Icon The Boxing Gloves are introduced in the first Jungle arena, Swamp Stomp. They are unlocked by winning any event in that arena.


  • Like the Axe, the Boxing Gloves can be used repeatedly without any delay, and they use no “ammo” unless you hit something.
  • The Boxing Gloves are great for quickly stripping flags off an opponent in Flag Rally.

In Action

Violet KOs Dominique with the Boxing Gloves

Violet KOs Dominique with the Boxing Gloves

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