Cleavers IconA pair of vicious meat cleavers that can be thrown in rapid succession, and then return to the attacker, damaging in both directions.

  • Dual firing, high ammo
  • Slower reload rate
  • Returns to player after throwing
  • Applies damage and knock at range
Cel Damage HD Unlock Icon As Whack Angus’ favourite weapon, the Cleavers are unlocked by winning 6 different matches while playing Whack Angus.


  • Although the reload time is moderate, the pair of Cleavers can be thrown in rapid succession.
  • The Cleavers damage on the return trip too, which can help get other opponents as you move around.

In Action

Whack Angus' Cleavers sail passed B.T. Bruno

Whack Angus’ Cleavers sail passed B.T. Bruno

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