Dynamite Crossbow

Dynamite Crossbow IconAs if crossbow bolts weren’t enough, these little devils come with a stick of TNT with a lit fuse that is just long enough for its victims to realize what’s coming.

  • Attaches to victim, then explodes after a delay
  • Reduced tracking
  • Faster reload
  • Damages on detonation, not attach
Cel Damage HD Unlock Icon As Dominique Trix’s favourite weapon, the Dynamite Crossbow is unlocked by winning 6 different matches while playing Dominique.


  • The Crossbow Bolts attach wherever they hit, even wheels or to the undercarriage, which can seriously impede your opponent’s driving.
  • After you tag a bunch of targets with bolts, stunt and powerslide so you get double smack points when the dynamite blows.

In Action

Violet and Sinder exchange Dynamite Crossbow bolts

Violet and Sinder exchange Dynamite Crossbow bolts

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