Grenade IconGrenades are small, rolling, explosives that explode when opponents touch them, or after about ten seconds.  And the best part:  your Grenades don’t damage you at all, so chuck ’em!

  • High ammo, medium damage
  • Stays active on ground
  • Will not damage deployer
  • Knocks victim off course
Cel Damage HD Unlock Icon The Grenade is introduced in the first Space arena, Babbling 5. It is unlocked by winning any event in that arena.


  • Grenades can be tossed very quickly, so let them rip into a group of opponents.
  • Grenades stay around a little while and don’t hurt you, so before getting a different weapon, you should throw them all, even if there are no opponents around, as little “gifts” for later.

In Action

Violet hurls several Grenades at B.T. Bruno

Violet hurls several Grenades at B.T. Bruno

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