Javelin IconA pair robot arms each throw a heavy spear to puncture and skewer opponents.  They do heavy damage at medium range, but require more careful aiming than other ranged weapons.

  • Dual-firing forward spears
  • Low reload, high damage
  • Can shoot victim off-course
  • Requires precision aiming
Cel Damage HD Unlock Icon The Javelin is introduced in the first Jungle arena, Swamp Stomp. It is unlocked by winning any event in that arena.


  • Although they reload fairly slowly, you can throw both javelins quickly one after the other for two rapid hits.
  • Javelins that miss opponents will stick in the ground and stop anyone (including yourself) driving into them.

In Action

Violet hunts down Dominique with her Javelins

Violet hunts down Dominique with her Javelins

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