Cel Damage HD MortarThe Mortar is a great weapon to attack from long range.  If you line up an opponent in the distance it will automatically “lead” them a bit.  It also has some splash damage, so you can hit multiple opponents simultaneously.

  • Ranged arcing projectile
  • Weak tracking
  • Medium damage
  • Can knock victims off course
Cel Damage HD Unlock Icon As Violet’s favourite weapon, the Mortar is unlocked by winning 6 different matches while playing Violet.


  • Although the Mortar is great from far away, it can be just as effective up close — drive towards a group of opponents, perform a Flip stunt just before you get there, and while your vehicles sails over their heads upside down, fire!  Splash damage plus double smacks for stunting!

In Action

Violet uses Mortar on B.T. Bruno

Violet uses the Mortar on B.T. Bruno

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