Seeking Missile

Seeking Missile IconYou’d better keep moving.  It may not be able to out run you, but once the Seeking Missile locks on, it will just keep coming.

  • Auto-seeking, low damage, low reload rate
  • Victim can only escape damage by weaving through obstacles
  • Missile cannot fly faster than victim’s top speed
  • Loses seeking if vacuumed, shrunk, frozen, teleported or shot
Cel Damage HD Unlock Icon As Count Earl’s favourite weapon, the Seeking Missile is unlocked by winning 6 different matches while playing Count Earl.


  • The Seeking Missile has a warning sound which will get louder as it gets nearer, so you do not have to turn around or slow down.
  • If you cannot get away, or drag it through obstacles, then try a Dodge stunt at the last second; even if you get hit, the damage will be reduced.

In Action

Violet sends a Seeking Missile after B.T. Bruno

Violet sends a Seeking Missile after B.T. Bruno

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