TNT Sheep

TNT Sheep Icon“Oh look, a fluffy white sheep!  Yay, he’s coming over to me!  Hmm, are those sparks coming out of its butt?  Gah!”

Cartoon sheep have proven their resilience time and time again.  In fact, they line up to be included as TNT Sheep, because they get to charge at people and make them blow up for a change.

  • High damage, slow reload, low ammo
  • Sheep seek out victims and explode
  • Will not damage deployer
  • Can be knocked away
Cel Damage HD Unlock Icon The TNT Sheep is introduced in the third Transylvania arena, Bohemian Raspberry. It is unlocked by winning any event in that arena.


  • Sheep can be affected by many weapons, such as the Freeze Ray, which can help you prevent the sheep from damaging you.
  • The fuse isn’t that long, so they will eventually just blow up if you can avoid them for a short time.

In Action

Violet throws a TNT Sheep at B.T. Bruno

Violet throws a TNT Sheep at B.T. Bruno

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