Vacuum IconThis powerful vacuum mounts onto the front of your vehicle, and adds a tailpipe.  While you hold fire it pulls in any enemy in front of you and ejects them out the back.  Although it doesn’t damage them, it removes their weapon and a flag along the way.

  • Low ammo, no damage applied
  • Removes victim’s weapon, steals flags
  • Easy to vacuum victims multiple times
  • Ideal weapon for stunt attacks
Cel Damage HD Unlock Icon The Vacuum is introduced in the third Space arena, Shooting Stars. It is unlocked by winning any event in that arena.


  • In Gate Relay, the Vacuum is a great way to pass someone — it is like swapping positions.
  • The Vacuum can be an invaluable tool for goal-tenders in Flag Rally.

In Action

Even big B.T. Bruno's Bulldozer can get sucked into the Vacuum

Even big B.T. Bruno’s Bulldozer can get sucked into the Vacuum

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