Developer Blog – Some history

It has been an exciting launch week for Cel Damage HD!  We’ve been thrilled by the response from fans so far.  One comment keeps coming up and we thought we should talk a bit about it: many fans of the original Cel Damage (CD) on Xbox and GameCube, have noted that Cel Damage HD (CDHD) uses a different system for damage, and eliminates the one-hit kills from the original.

Since we’ve only released CDHD in the Americas so far, what many of those fans may not be aware of is that there was a release called Cel Damage: Overdrive (CDO) that came out only in Europe on the PS2 not long after CD.  One of the biggest complaints with the original CD was the difficulty — cartoon weapons and gags tend to be swift and deadly (at least, once gravity kicks in!).  CD was great at reproducing that feel — it was very satisfying to bring an axe down and slice your opponent in two — but it was even more unsatisfying to be on the receiving end of that sudden death.  For many players it lead to frustration, and in CDO, the decision was made to introduce a classic health bar, and to balance the weapons with damage, rather than outright death, in mind.

So now, more than 10 years after CDO, the game has had the damage system for a lot longer than not, but for those of you that were only exposed to CD, it may have been jarring.  In that case we apologize.

This was not a decision we took lightly; the hardest decisions have pros and cons, and in this case a very nice feature had to be culled.  We hope after the initial shock wears off that you’ll agree the game is ultimately better off with a damage system.

While we’re on the topic, CDO also introduced stunting and turbo boost, along with other difficulty tuning. CDHD builds upon those improvements. We have refined the dynamic difficulty adjustment system even further, and hope that it shows in opponents that are challenging and surprising, but still beatable.



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