Cel Damage is coming home!


Dear fans, the news many of you have been waiting for has arrived.

Cel Damage is coming home!

Fourteen years after the crazed cartoon car combat extravaganza blazed a trail of mayhem across the Microsoft Xbox, Finish Line Games is proud to announce that Cel Damage HD is heading to the Xbox One!

Carve a path of cel-shaded destruction with Fowl Mouth, Violet, Sinder, and the rest of the Cel Damage cast, with updated graphics, enhanced gameplay and classic tried-and-true couch-based multiplayer action!

A release date will be coming soon – follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates!!*

*Accounts are currently controlled by Fowl Mouth. We’re not entirely sure how he stole the passwords, but we did notice some web-shaped footprints around the office. In unrelated news, there is no food left in the fridge…

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