The Cel Damage show travels to 12 different locations in 4 distinct environments.  Each environment is represented by a boss, which can be unlocked by winning all the arenas in the environment in all events.

Environment Boss Arenas
Desert chariconwhackangus
Whack Angus
Level Icon Desert 1
Wild Wooly West
Level Icon Desert 2
Death Valley
Level Icon Desert 3
Mesa Madness
Jungle chariconrodzilla
T. Wrecks
Level Icon Jungle 1
Swamp Stomp
Level Icon Jungle 2
Temple of Boom
Level Icon Jungle 3
Shmoe vs. The Volcano
Transylvania chariconearl
Count Earl
Level Icon Transylvania 1
Monster Mosh
Level Icon Transylvania 2
Count’s Castle
Level Icon Transylvania 3
Bohemian Raspberry
Space chariconbrian
Brian the Brain
Level Icon Space 2
Babbling 5
Level Icon Space 2
Level Icon Space 3
Shooting Stars