Flag Rally


Flag Rally is a contest of combat, evasion and accumulation.  The goal of Flag Rally is to be the first to earn the set number of points by cashing in flags, or groups of flags, at the Winner’s Circle.  Every Flag Rally starts the competitors (players and AIs) in a level where 4 flags exist.  Competitors will begin a mad dash to accumulate flags.  Cars pick up flags by running over them but collecting flags is not as easy as it sounds:  the flags run loose around the level and evade competitors.

Competitors accumulate flags and try to cash them in at the Winner’s Circle for points.  The Winner’s Circle is clearly marked in each level, though it may take a little exploration to discover how to get there.  Bringing more flags at once earns bonus points, so there is good reason to hold out and cash in as many flags as possible in one trip.  Combatants can steal flags by damaging or obliterating their opponents, or by using special power-ups like the Vacuum Power-up to suck flags off their opponents.  Flag carriers can leverage the stunting system to try to avoid their enemies or use power-ups like the Gunship or Rocket Booster to keep high out of reach.

When a car acquires a flag that will earn it a win in the level, an audible warning and radar alarm flashes for all players in the game, encouraging last moment goaltending and furious pursuit of the imminent winner.  The default win condition for Flag Rally is ten points, though you can customize it to higher values for a longer match.