Gate Relay


The Gate Relay event adds a series of checkpoint gates throughout each level and requires players to pass the gates in sequence to accrue laps.  As in other racing games, the first player to achieve the set number of laps wins the race.  Power-ups are repositioned within the levels to create a variety of viable race lines to choose from.

It is important to learn where on the track to perform stunt flips for turbo boosts, without going off course.  Finding the best paths through the course will let you perform stunts and boosts with dizzying frequency and offer plenty of split-second decision making.  You might also find spots where a short hop stunt might provide a quick shortcut over a moat or trap.

As in other modes, Restoration power-ups are available at key locations and award you a bit of health, some short-term protection from Damage-type attacks and a Turbo-boost charge.  Troublemaker gamers will be happy to know that they can freely run amok in the level in lieu of racing properly to try to prevent their chosen nemesis from winning.