Smack Attack


Smack Attack is based on the “Deathmatch” style of play.  Cel Damage HD puts its own spin on things by awarding different scores for every weapon hit based on the weapon’s difficulty of use.  For example the rapid-fire Boxing Gloves award few points per hit, while the slow-to-reload Harpoon awards more points per skewer.  Smack Attack adds bonus points for demolishing victims and also awards points multipliers for smacks achieved while stunting or power sliding.

You can counter offensive barrages by performing stunts or by using gags in the level such as a Boulder Avalanches, or Magnet Cranes. Power-up spawn locations cycle through all unlocked weapons, so a good player strategy is to adapt to each power-up’s traits rather than trying to “camp” in one spot.  Restoration power-ups also litter the level in sneaky, or out of the way places.

The first player to reach the set number of points wins the game. The default win condition for Smack attack is 300 smacks, though you can customize it up to 1000 points for an epic match.