Each car has been balanced against the others for attributes like weight, top speed, health, traction, and acceleration.  For example Bruno is slow, heavy, with lots of health and traction, while the Count is slim, with low health, extra-fast, and lightweight.

Here is an overview of the driving characteristics for each vehicle:

Car Top Speed Acceleration Turning Deceleration Traction Roll Mass
chariconvioletViolet Medium High Fair Fair Fair Moderate V. Heavy
chariconsinderSinder Medium Medium Sharp Poor High High Heavy
chariconbtbrunoB.T. Bruno Slow Low Good Excellent High Low S. Heavy
chariconfowlmouthFowl Mouth Slow High Good Fair Fair Moderate Light
charicondominiqueDominique Trix Fast Medium Fair Good Poor High Light
chariconflemmingFlemming Fast Good Dime Poor Fair Low Medium
chariconwhackangusWhack Angus Fast Medium Good Good Fair High V. Heavy
chariconrodzillaT. Wrecks Good High Fair Excellent Fair High V. Heavy
chariconearlCount Earl Excellent Good Fair Fair Fair Moderate Heavy
chariconbrianBrian the Brain Slow Good On-a-Dime Good High Low S. Heavy