In Cel Damage HD, players can smack opponents with everything from a Woodchipper to a Tommy Gun to an exploding sheep.  Weapons are balanced across a variety of parameters and secondary effects, such as damage, knock, ammunition amount, reload rate and range, and they provide a wide breadth of use-case scenarios.

For a full list of weapons and their abilities, see the Weapons List page.

Unlocking Weapons

Cel Damage HD Unlock IconWhen you start, most weapons will be locked.  Weapons are unlocked in two ways.  The primary way to unlock weapons is by winning a particular level.  For example, winning the first Desert level, Wild Wooly West, in any event, will unlock the Chain Gun and Axe.  Also, those weapons are temporarily unlocked in that particular level even if you have not yet won it.  Other weapons are unlocked by winning enough matches with each character.

Which weapons appear in a level is determined by two factors:

  1. The weapons that have been unlocked so far in the game (even just temporarily in the current level), and,
  2. The weapons that the player has enabled in the event settings.  By default all weapons are enabled unless explicitly disabled by the player.  When starting an event, select Weapons on the Event Settings screen, and then toggle individual weapons on or off.
Example Weapons Setup screen - PSVita

In this example, the Mortar, Dynamite Crossbow and Woodchipper are locked. The Boxing Gloves are unlocked, but have been disabled. The rest of the weapons will appear in the level.

When unlocked, weapons appear in each level as randomly cycling power-up billboards.  Just drive right into the billboard and you’ll get the weapon shown.  Additionally, a Personal Pickup factory (which provides each character with their favourite weapon) has a random chance to spawn at any Power-up location.

Damage Effects

Weapons deal combinations of three types of effects to target cars:

  • Knock
    • Knock deforms and pushes a car in the direction that it was hit.  Knock can sometimes half-smash or fully smash a car flat, or stun the victim.
  • Damage
    • Damage based hits reduce the victim’s health and whack parts off the victim’s car.  If the victim’s car runs out of health, it explodes and sends loose parts in every direction.  However, “death” in Cel Damage HD is never permanent.  Destroyed cars are immediately returned to play with their drivers.
  • Special
    • Some weapons apply a Special effect to the victim car, such as freezing, shrinking, outright flattening, weapon removal, or leeching performance off the victim’s car.  These types of power-ups can set up juggling chains for advanced players.