Weapon List

Name Description Smack Points Damage Ammo Reload Delay Knock Force
Mortar Icon
Ranged arcing projectile
Weak tracking
Medium damage
Can knock victims off course
6 19 7 1 16
Scimitar Icon
Side to side swing
Low ammo, high damage
Medium swing speed
Can slice multiple victims per swing
5 15 9 0 32
Axe Icon
Overhead swing
Rapid fire
High ammo
Low scoring
5 18 8 0 20
Baseball Bat
Baseball Bat Icon
Side to side swing
High ammo
Low damage
Knocks victims away
4 12 10 0 32
Grenade Icon
High ammo, medium damage
Stays active on ground
Will not damage deployer
Knocks victim off course
4 18 10 0 16
Boxing Gloves
Boxing Gloves Icon
Rapid fire
High ammo, low damage
Briefly stuns victim
Can pummel victim in a corner for added damage
2 8 24 0 16
Broadside Cannons
Broadside Cannons Icon
Close-range sideways firing
Rapid firing, high ammo
High damage
Can hit victims on both sides of player at once
4 12 16 0.5 4
Chain Gun
Chain Gun Icon
Rapid-firing, auto-tracking
Medium ammo
Only hits medium to far range victims
Misses enemies at point blank range
1 6 96 0.09 2
Chainsaw Icon
Low ammo, high damage
Rapid firing
Can hit multiple victims per swing
Hit victims multiple times in a row for added damage
5 15 14 1 20
Cluster Bombs
Cluster Bombs Icon
Rear firing, single ammo
Drops bomblets on ground behind player
Knocks victim off course
Can damage deployer
6 18 1 0 8
Dynamite Crossbow
Dynamite Crossbow Icon
Attaches to victim, then explodes after a delay
Reduced tracking
Faster reload
Damages on detonation, not attach
Initial Hit:
0 10 0.5 10
12 0 0 15
Woodchipper Icon
Point-blank front firing, high ammo
Consumes victims and applies damage
Victim is thrown into the air
Can woodchip multiple victims at once
4 20 10 0 0
Vacuum Icon
Low ammo, no damage applied
Removes victim’s weapon, steals flags
Easy to vacuum victims multiple times
Ideal weapon for stunt attacks
4 0 7 0 0
Javelin Icon
Dual-firing forward spears
Low reload, high damage
Can shoot victim off-course
Requires precision aiming
7 20 10 2 56
Freeze Ray
Freeze Ray Icon
No damage, freezes victim in ice cube
Can freeze multiple victims at once
While encased in ice victim is stunned
4 on hit
+12 on shatter
0 8 0 0
Sledgehammer Icon
Rapid-fire, high ammo
Flattens victim
Stuns victim’s weapon while flat
Repeated hammering on a victim adds damage
5 10 7 1 16
Harpoon Icon
High damage, low ammo
Slow reload time
Can send victims off course
Requires precision aiming
10 28 8 1.25 60
Gunship Icon
20 seconds of free flight
Dual Chain Guns with unlimited ammo
Chain Guns auto-track victims
Helicopter blades can slice victims
Bullets 3 20 0.25 1
Blades 10 0 0 32
TNT Sheep
TNT Sheep Icon
High damage, slow reload, low ammo
Sheep seek out victims and explode
Will not damage deployer
Can be knocked away
5 18 3 1.75 16
Cleavers Icon
Dual firing, high ammo
Slower reload rate
Returns to player after throwing
Applies damage and knock at range
5 20 14 3 16
Cloak Icon
25 seconds of invisibility
Not a weapon
Can collect another powerup while invisible
0 0 25 0 0
Buzz Saw
Buzz Saw Icon
Auto-seeking, spinning blade
Low ammo, high damage
Low reload rate
Buzzsaws are fast, but have low turning ability
9 25 3 1.5 16
Nuclear Mine
Nuclear Mine Icon
Single deploy rear-firing
High damage, knocks victims across level
Can roll down inclines
Can be knocked away
6 22 1 0 32
Portable Hole
Portable Hole Icon
Forward deploy, medium damage
Remains active a long time
Entraps victim momentarily and throws into the air
Can deploy underwater
8 28 3 1.5 0
Rocket Booster
Rocket Booster Icon
Free flight while equipped
Single ammo, no auto-aim, forward-firing
Very high damage, high-scoring
Can knock victims across level
10 38 1 0 32
Seeking Missile
Seeking Missile Icon
Auto-seeking, low damage, low reload rate
Victim can only escape damage by weaving through obstacles
Missile cannot fly faster than victim’s top speed
Loses seeking if vacuumed, shrunk, frozen, teleported or shot
6 25 6 1.5 16
Shrink Ray
Shrink Ray Icon
Does no damage
Shrinks victims and stuns their weapon
Can shrink multiple victims per deploy
Shrunk victims drive slower
6 0 6 0 0
Tommy Gun
Tommy Gun Icon
Rapid fire, close range
Higher damage, medium ammo
Very strong against nearby victims
Weak against ranged opponents
1 6 128 0.1 2
Spring Icon
Short hop with limited shielding
Speed increase per jump
Can crush victims
Good in race
5 12 8 4 16
Lightning Gun
Lightning Gun Icon
High scoring, high ammo, low damage
Scores for every victim attached, every second attached
Victim is slowed down while electrified
Victim is not stunned and can fire back
1 6 16 0 0
Laser Icon
Rapid fire, good auto-aim
High ammo, low damage
Bounces off walls
Can knock victims off course
1 4 96 0.115 2