FAQ: Cel Damage HD

Q. When will Cel Damage HD be released?
A. Cel Damage HD is now Available on PS4, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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Q. What is Cross-Buy and why is this important?
A. Cross-Buy allows you to buy the game once, for one price, and download it on more than one PlayStation platform. Cel Damage HD is a Cross-Buy title for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita — you only buy it once and can download and enjoy on all three systems.

Q. What platforms will Cel Damage HD be released on?
A. We hope we have the opportunity to see the game come to life on other systems so it can be enjoyed by as many fans as possible. As soon as these plans solidify, we will announce it here.

Q. Will Cel Damage HD be released on Steam?
A. Please see above.

Q. Does Cel Damage HD support multiplayer?
A. Yes! 2-4 person multiplayer is supported in split-screen (PS4, PS3) and it’s hella fun.

Q. Is there online play?
A. No, though we agree it would be awesome.  Unfortunately, the original was never designed for it and the changes required were way too extensive for our small team to complete in a reasonable time.  It is still on our minds though, and if all goes well, we’d really like to revisit this in the future.

Q.  How does Cel Damage HD compare to Cel Damage on Xbox/GameCube or Cel Damage: Overdrive on PS2?
A.  Cel Damage HD builds upon the improvements introduced in Cel Damage: Overdrive.  We also added trophies, improved the dynamic difficulty adjustment system, and refreshed the front-end.  For more info, see this post.