Cel Damage is coming home!

Dear fans, the news many of you have been waiting for has arrived. Cel Damage is coming home! Fourteen years after the crazed cartoon car combat extravaganza blazed a trail of mayhem across the Microsoft Xbox, Finish Line Games is proud to announce that Cel Damage HD is heading to the Xbox One! Carve a Continue Reading →

Developer Blog – Some history

Axe Icon

It has been an exciting launch week for Cel Damage HD!  We’ve been thrilled by the response from fans so far.  One comment keeps coming up and we thought we should talk a bit about it: many fans of the original Cel Damage (CD) on Xbox and GameCube, have noted that Cel Damage HD (CDHD) Continue Reading →

Launched in Europe, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand

Cel Damage HD Available Now with Cast

It is launch day for Cel Damage HD on the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita in Europe, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand! Download it now from the Sony store directly to your console. And if you’re looking for some tips to help you crush your couch-mates, check out the game guide.  Have fun!  

Cel Damage HD Release Date For Europe, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand

CelDamageHD on Sony Platforms

Finally, the wait is over for our PlayStation friends in Europe, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand: Cel Damage HD is coming out in those regions on May 14, 2014! We’re excited to release the game to our fans in those regions, many of which have been waiting patiently for us to announce a Continue Reading →


Cel Damage HD for the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita is live in the Americas on the PlayStation store! Thanks to everyone who already (!) got their copy and is happily smacking, skewering and stunting away! If you haven’t jumped in already, just click the image above to see it on the PlayStation store on Continue Reading →

Cel Damage HD releasing on April 22!

Cel Damage fans, the news you have been waiting for has arrived.Cel Damage HD will be out on Tuesday, April 22 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita!Take control of the world’s nuttiest cartoon drivers to demolish your friends with insane weapons and wacky arena hazards as the definitive local multiplayer game makes its triumphant Continue Reading →

First look at Cel Damage HD with Electric Playground

Cel Damage HD FAQ

The response to our announcement has been great.  It is wonderful to see so many people have good memories of Cel Damage, like we do.  Along with those responses were a few questions, so we’ve started an FAQ.

Cel Damage HD featured on PlayStation.Blog

Go check it out here!

Announcing Cel Damage HD

We are pleased to announce what we have been busy working on:  Cel Damage HD.  We’ll have lots more info in the coming weeks, but here’s a bit of info to get you started!